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Confessions of a Farmwife: Vol. 3

Confessions of a Farmwife: Vol. 3

Podcast Part 2: weather, normalcy, weather, beef, fleece, weather and potato skins. And other topics that only make sense around the kitchen counter.

In response to listener demand (Ok, in response to Emily's husband, who is, technically, a listener), we've made our podcasts shorter. Last week, I posted the first half of this podcast and here, without further ado, is the second half.

Topics include but are not limited to: weather, normalcy, grief, weather, Christmas stockings, Andy Stanley, weather, cream sauce and fleece. So you know, lots of things that really go together.

Here are a few links that may make what we talk about make more sense. Or not. Maybe I shouldn't promise that. 

Wishing your family the merriest of Christmases! From left to right, DeAnna Thomas, Emily Webel and Holly Spangler.

As always, you can listen to the podcast by playing the little gizmo below. Or you can also click here and listen. Or you can download the SoundCloud app on your phone or tablet, sign in with your email and then use the above link to follow "Confessions of a Farm Wife." Then, theoretically, it should show up in your SoundCloud stream.

And most of all, thank you! We hope you'll gather around your counter and listen, or listen in the car or when you exercise or wherever podcasts work for you. And that you'll feel encouraged in your day, because you are not alone.

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