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Confessions: Gifts for the (farm) women in your life

Confessions: Gifts for the (farm) women in your life

Need a gift idea for Mother’s Day - and beyond? We’ve got ya covered in a new podcast!

Friends, hold on to your hats: we’ve podcasted again. Already. And it’s not even been a year since the last one! Ha.

Basically, Emily Webel and I got an idea, we got fired up and we got it done. We’ve collected 15 rock star gift ideas for the farm women in your life, and we recorded an entire podcast about it. And as promised, in case you’re driving or running or planting when you listen, I’m collecting all the links here, so you can refer back when you’re in a seat that’s not moving. Plus: there’s a giveaway on #2. Plus plus: there are two more links here that we didn't even talk about on the podcast.

How can you listen? Two options – and let me tell you, I am excited about this part, too. The first is through the SoundCloud gizmo below. The second – and this is the exciting part – is that you can now listen through iTunes, because we are a LEGIT iTunes station now!

If you’re new to podcast listening on your iPhone, here’s the scoop: find the Podcasts app. It’s purple. You may have to download it if you have an older phone. It’s the basic Podcasts app on iTunes. Click on it. Search for “Confessions of a Farm Wife.” Click subscribe. Now, automatically, every new podcast we record will show up in your podcast feed. Just check your podcast app and it will be there. This is basically magic, especially if you spend time in a tractor or in a car and want to listen to all the things. I’m a podcast fan and on another day, we’ll talk about great podcasts to listen to.

Back to the links. Here they are:

Check out Emily's necklace; it's #7 on the list, and she's a fan.

1. Rosebud’s Designs and Apparel. This is Kari Jo Kelso’s store, and she’s a legit McDonough County farm girl, a working veterinarian transplanted to Texas. Tons of style and I love her farm-related tees. And the totes. Plus, she named her store after her grandma, Rosemary “Rosebud” Kelso – “because she was always fueling my creative endeavors as a young woman.” How great is that? Emily and I were loving her FARM tees, perhaps because they’re a little Joanna Gaines-like and we do love us some Fixer Upper. Even better: Rosebud is offering a discount code to Confessions listeners. Enter LOVEMOM at checkout for 15% off.  

2. The Farmerette. This is a great source for soy-based, lovely-smelling body washes and lotions and such. And lip balm. All made with soybean oil, by a woman who’s an agronomist by day in Minnesota. Bonus: she’s giving away a gift basket to one Confessions listener! Enter by commenting below and if you win…your Mother’s Day work could be done. Just a suggestion! The basket include cranberry soy sugar scrub, cranberry whipped body butter, FarmHER hand lotion and vanilla soy lip balm. Comment below to enter; one entry per comment, one comment per person. We’ll draw a winner at random and announce on May 2!

3. Madi’s Makings. If you show cattle, you’ve undoubtedly seen those fabulous hammock/cots that you rig up in your chute. Madison Flack is an enterprising Illinois 4-H member who’s started a business making and selling these hammocks, through the Entrepreneurship project. I love an entrepreneurial young person. And if you’re in charge of prizes for a cattle show somewhere, I feel like an embroidered hammock is a fabulous idea. Madi tells us they’re $50 plus shipping.

4. Erin Ehnle Brown Photography. Well. I cannot say enough good things about Erin’s work. She has all the basic farm stuff, plus a farm mom print that can be customized. Take note: last day to order for Mother’s Day delivery is Wednesday, April 27. As Walt Disney said, “Everybody needs a deadline.”

5. Country Girl Creations. Kristen Emmonds is a local girl from Emily’s community and she makes the reclaimed wood signs we’re all loving these days. Message her Facebook page to order.

6. Plants and flowers. We don’t have a link for this but so many of us love to plant flowers and that’s a golden idea for this time of year. Think about your local nursery and if your favorite farm woman is into that kind of thing, you undoubtedly are familiar with her favorite places. My people are all about a hanging basket, and I’m always grateful. Or give a gift certificate and two hours of uninterrupted time away to wander the nursery and look at plants. So good.

7. Stella and Dot. If you look closely in our photo, Emily’s wearing her fave Stella and Dot necklace; it’s got her initials and it’s lovely. Or you could do baby birthdays or initials. Lots of good things at this shop. Including an Illini orange bracelet. As Emily says, throw a ribbon and you are DONE.

8. Origami Owl. This will take a hair more work, but we did this for my mother-in-law last year and she loved it. An Origami Owl necklace is basically a locket full of charms. We had each of the grandkids pick out a charm to represent themselves, then gave them to grandma in a necklace locket. As great grands came along, we added a dangle locket with birthstones for each baby. She loves it.

9. Your Words Cuffs. I discovered Traci on Instagram last year and she made me the most beautiful cuff with a sentiment from when my mom was sick. It lifts my heart every time I wear it. Traci’s from Oklahoma and she does beautiful work and she is lovely to work with. You can even send her a special belt (paging grandpa’s old leather show belt!) and she’ll turn it into jewelry.  

10. Cinnamon Sticks. I may have sent a link to my husband for their stacking rings, which he may have followed up with for a Mother’s Day long ago, which I absolutely love. They’re $20 each and well made, but their affordability may depend upon your number of children (EMILY).

11. Lenny & Eva. You can get these online but there are also a lot of cute local shops that carry them. Check your local stores for availability. I love the sentiments and personally would love a thoughtfully-chosen Lenny & Eva bracelet stack for Mother’s Day (hey Spangler kids…). Ha!

12. Camelback Water Bottle. Emily loves these for working out, especially for hands-free drinking.

13. Fit Bit. And Road ID. Neither of us have a Fit Bit but I know of no one who has one and doesn’t love it. And Road ID just seems like a good idea if your farm mama is a runner. Or a walker. I’ve come close to dying out here on our country road and I suppose it would be good to be identified. See also: EAR TAGS.

Bonus #14: Young Living Essential Oils. I don’t know anything about this, but Emily likes lavender for her curls and tea tree for her, um, lice. Long story. Stay tuned for the next podcast.

Bonus #15: Woodkeeps. I mentioned my Joanna Gaines love earlier, and she’s worn these exact earrings on Fixer Upper. If your farm mama is a Fixer Upper fan, this is an obvious choice. Plus, they have a Mother’s Day gift package right now which is a pretty fab idea, too.

And there you have it. 15 ideas and links and your Mother’s Day (and beyond) is covered. Don’t forget to comment below and you’ll be entered to win a Farmerette prize basket! And remember that all Mom really wants is to be loved on and have the day off. Do something nice for her and clean up after yourselves, and you'll be golden.

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