Cool Breeze and Hot Words at Kansas State Fair

Kansas Senator, Congressmen talk health care, cap and trade at annual issues forum

It was soggy and almost chilly at the AT&T Arena at the Kansas State Fair Saturday morning. But the verbage from the podium was hot as Sen. Sam Brownback and Congressmen Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt talked health care reform and cap and trade during the annual WIBW National Issues Farm Forum.

All three of the legislators are seeking new jobs next election. Brownback is running for governor. Moran and Tiahrt will be primary opponent in the race for his Senate seat.

Moran answered one caller's question of "How could anyone in their right mind vote for cap and trade legislation?" with the comment that "A lot of people in Washington are not in their right mind." He called the cap and trade bill passed out of the House "the most damaging piece of legislation to agriculture and small business of my tenure" and said efforts to amend the bill to be friendlier to agriculture were not sufficient to keep it from being devastating.

Brownback won the applause of the audience by promising the Senate won't pass a cap and trade bill this session, saying the legislation is a "transfer of money from the Midwest to the East and West coasts."

Both Moran and Brownback acknowledged that health care reform is needed; they just oppose what has been proposed so far. And to their credit, both said they have some specifics that they will try to get into a final bill.

Less paperwork, more doctors, help for education expenses for doctors and nurses, regulatory reform and tort reform are on their list.

Sounds like a start to me. Hopefully Congress can move on from town hall shoutdowns and rude outbursts to actually admitting there's a problem and rationally discussing how to fix it.

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