Countdown to Harvest is Under Way

As time to harvest grows shorter, temptation to count bushels grows.

Our friends in Oklahoma and Texas have been hard hit by winter drought and late freeze. But even though Kansas has faced some weather challenges with the 2009 wheat crop, things are looking good.
So far.
As many of my friends keep reminding me you never count the bushels until they are in the bin, but it sure is getting hard not to get excited about a good harvest with pretty decent prices, historically speaking.
Plenty of folks paid hefty inputs last fall to get this year's crop in the ground. But that close to $6 payout just might come to pass, especially for those folks who don't have to sell under harvest pressure.
This is the time of year that I always think of as "tension time" -- that lag between everything looking good and harvest just around the corner.
And wipeout just one hailstorm away with thunderstorms back to back in the forecast.
This week stands to be a good one -- warm temperatures, sunny skies, just what the crop needs to move from heavy grain fill to ripening.
I talked today with Janice at the Kiowa Farmers Co-op in Barber County, the Kansas location that usually brings in the first bushels of harvest.
She says June 7 or 8 "depending on the weather."
We're watching and waiting.

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