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Counting Down the Days

For Farm Progress folks our big fun, and yours, starts Sept. 1. Is a farm show in your future?

The stats kind of pile up on you - 100 acres of exhibit area (that Tent City), 500-plus acres of demonstration space, 500-plus exhibitors, first-looks at a range of new products - add it up and the Farm Progress Show can be overwhelming. For farmers who take just a day out of their schedule to see the event, I'm sure it's a long day.

Yet it's part of our culture and returning to Decatur in less than four weeks (!) we're excited about what we get to see. And we want to meet with readers too. In the next couple of weeks here I'll share what I can about products you get to see for the first time at the show. I'll also round up information I can from our illustrious show team to give you an idea of what you can see and do at the event.

Our new Director of Broadcast Operations Max Armstrong, is already talking to staffers and providing updates on his Countdown to Farm Progress - a series of audio shows now in their fifth year. You can listen to those reports HERE.

Heck we're even getting into the social media age - and the Farm Progress Show has a "fan" page. You can check that out without being a Facebook member. Just check out the Farm Progress Show Fan Page.

And don't forget there's always where you can find the news, information on hotels (even order your room online this year) and a host of other handy tools. And that site will be constantly adding more material in the days leading up to the show. Check it often!

Interestingly, just two weeks after we through the big show in Decatur, Ill., we do another show about the same size near Grand Island, Neb. Husker Harvest Days is the only totally irrigated farm show in the country and you'll find a bigger and better show site this year, plenty of field demos and more cool tools for your farm.

If you want to learn more about Husker Harvest Days - you can go to You can also visit our Husker Facebook Fan Page

And you can even comment here. As always registered users are invited to share their thoughts in this blog. What do you look forward to when you go to the Farm Progress Show or Husker Harvest Days?

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