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Cows and Fences: A Good Read

Who doesn't love a great farm story?

I love a good story. I like a song that tells a story from beginning to end, like this or even this. (Yes, I was a teenager in the mid-'90s…why do you ask?) I love to hear a farmer's story; how they got started, how they got to where they are. Why they made a particular decision. How it all played out. 

And when I stumbled on this absolutely lovely blog post the other day, I knew I needed to share it. Lindsay is an Indiana farm girl, and even better, a Shorthorn girl. She tells the tale of how the roots of her family's legacy were sown in one man's determination. And with more than a few Shorthorn roots myself, I couldn't help but love her family's story. If you've ever known the heartache of a delayed dream, you will, too. 

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