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Day 2: Opening Farm Progress Show Day

Exhibits are ready, though a little soggy, for the fall farm show opener.

Anyone with a history of attending outdoor farm shows can tell you stories of their experiences at these big events. Like farmers, event teams have to deal with the one thing they can't control - weather. And today is no different.

An early morning thunderstorm rolled through the show site dropping an inch of rain in a short time, and challenging the permanent biennial site's draining system. Yet it held, and as I drove onto the site to drop some things off at our editorial space (where we stow things and work) I enjoyed the transition onto the concrete roads of the site.

The roads at the Boone, Iowa site are a marvel of testing and innovation. A consortium of groups has come together to create show roads that use different substrates and when they take all that show traffic it's as if we're running Interstate highway level stuff over the roads. After the show, Iowa Department of Transportation folks will tear up the show roads in key places and examine the bases to see what held and what didn't.

In effect, the show site is a highway road test bed and we roll some big stuff over it in a short period of time every two years. It's interesting stuff.

As for this morning, we're opening the gates at 8 a.m. The exhibitors are on hand - though it is interesting to see just how many different ways people dress for rain. Myself, I like my new broad-brimmed had and sandals. (No socks for me it's August). Sure my feet will get wet if they have to, but they'll dry faster than if I'm wearing socks, but enough of that.

I expect to see plenty today given my appointment schedule and I'll try to give you a glimpse of what I see later. You can follow me on Twitter at if you want to see some real-time stuff from my opening day at the Farm Progress Show.

Keep up on what's going on - with the weather too - by checking too.

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