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Day 3: Ready for a Wednesday

Day 3: Ready for a Wednesday

A little rain didn't slow people down Tuesday, a dry overnight should make for a busy Day 2 at the show.

Wet weather leaves farmers with little to do and when a big show is nearby, why not head that way even if there's mud in the parking lot? That was the attitude Tuesday as the Farm Progress Show opened after an inch of rain fell in the early morning hours. But that was yesterday, it's Wednesday, the traditionally biggest day of the show and we're excited.

From my hotel room early in the morning I see little evidence of overnight rain so the grounds are drying out further and the show team is ready for the next big day. After a Day 1 filled with a range of new tools and products to see, farmers are getting that information they need.

PLENTY TO SEE: Arena shows are a great way to learn what's new from a company.

My schedule was full yesterday from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. visiting with companies to see new tech and tools (you'll see more on this site in the next few days). I got some good conversations in with tire makers - including the head of all ag tires for Michelin (look for that blog soon). It's interesting to get a global perspective on such an interesting topic.

Today the information ranges from a giant tractor from Claas to something called "augmented reality" at Agco. And I'm hosting in the Pioneer exhibit this morning to hear some interesting conversation there too.

Sure there's mud in the parking lot, but everyone I talked with yesterday agreed that once you're inside the show site itself the idea of the permanent biennial location shines. The concrete roads kept walking in mud to a minimum. Veteran Farm Progress Show visitors remember the days when the "roads" were mud paths carved into a friendly host farmers ground. While some may miss the itinerant nature of the show, they weren't missing it yesterday.

Parking on the North side - which is ground that's been in alfalfa for at least 6 years - held up well. Exhibitors made the best of it on the south side. I drive an SUV for a reason and I got in and out easily.

At the end of a long Tuesday, I was tired but my notebook is full of story ideas and information and I'll be sharing more in the next few days on some interesting topics. As for today, I'm often puzzled that farmers - who control their own schedules - choose Wednesday as their show day. But come on down to Boone. And drive safely.

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