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Day 4: Last Day, a Little Rain

Day 4: Last Day, a Little Rain

Well, things change - a blog update.

UPDATE: 9:25 A.M. CENTRAL: This blog was written early Thursday morning when Events folks decided to move ahead with the show opening. Not three hours later worsening weather turned on the show and gates were closed. Yet when I arrived at the site this morning that was the exhibitor attitude, we're here, let's have a show.

Essentially farm show veterans know the score, and just like farmers, they know weather makes all the difference. Thanks for reading, enjoy what I wrote earlier and I will close with some end-of-the-week thoughts tomorrow.

There's a lot of ground to cover age the 2014 Farm Progress Show

Well here we are the last day of the Farm Progress Show and despite some morning rain we are opening on time and ready to show off the latest farm technology for your farm's future. After two dry days it looks like we'll have a little rain today, but as exhibitors say "we're here so we might as well open."

Farmers will find plenty to see, as I've said. The Arena shows are always fun as companies parade out their latest gear and talk about their technology. At Agco, in lieu of an arena show the company took a different approach creating a "farm" where they show all of their products through the life cycle of the farm from land prep through planting, spraying and finally harvest. There's also forage and hay-making too.

Agco tied it all together with their Fuse Technology folks showing something called "augmented reality." Using a special application and in iPad visitors can "see" how the data lines move from farm to field and back again, and learn more about the system. It's a unique way to look at machinery.

Beyond the arena shows I'm impressed with what companies are doing across their exhibits as they continue to upgrade what they offer. And just outside the gates this year we have the annex too - where companies that couldn't get into the sold-out show can exhibit their wares too.

And this is isn't just small companies with great ideas, there are some bigger ones too - including Caterpillar and Beck's Hybrids. It's a great stop before the gates open. One exhibitor told me that they're busy early morning and late in the day, but traffic was solid through the event.

If you're reading this on your ride from home to the show, welcome. If you made it this week thanks for coming. Tomorrow I'll share my thoughts on the whole show.

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