Enough Already With the Everyday Rain

A week ago, it looked like the daily rain pattern was breaking up with a week of sunshine forecast, but it's turned into another week of daily storms

Okay, I have often promised myself NOT to wish it would stop raining. Because in Kansas, when it stops, it doesn't seem to know how to get started again.

But this is getting ridiculous. This has been the month of the unending thunderstorm, with almost daily tornado and severe storm watches and warnings and countless hail storms.

Fortunately, the severe storms still seem to be spotty and while we've had damage to isolated wheat fields, there still hasn't been a widespread event.

Flooding of low-lying areas (we all know that means wheat fields) is in the forecast for tonight in Sumner County and this is NOT the time in its life wheat does well standing in water.

So, I'm closing my eyes and crossing my fingers and wishing for it to stop raining -- not forever, not until September, just for a week or 10 days until we need it again.

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