EPA Again Wimps Out on Upping Ethanol Blend

It's hard to understand why EPA can't use sound science to support higher ethanol blend, create jobs

With oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, grain prices struggling and the ethanol industry poised to create thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen, you'd think the EPA could get off the fence already and just approve what dozens of scientific studies have shown -- upping the blend of ethanol would be good for the economy and the environment and wouldn't have any detrimental effect on the millions of cars and trucks on the road.

It's hard to understand the delay. EPA delayed a decision in December, saying it would rule in June and has now delayed again.

Ethanol industry officials are understandably disappointed. And so are farmers.

The industry has sent a letter to the Obama administration pleading its case. Here's to hoping that someone listens and that we don't get bogged back down in the idiotic "food vs. fuel" debate.

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