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Farmland for less than $10?

Farmland for less than $10?

You can buy Farmland for less than $10? You bet, when you're talking about the documentary, not the dirt!

Remember the Farmland film, produced by USFRA? I've had the chance to see it twice now; first at the 2014 Commodity Classic and again this spring at a local college showing. I really liked it, even though I've mentioned it's not really for farmers.

But I'd still like for my farmer to see it, and he hasn't yet. But now he can. Farmland is now available on DVD at Walmart and Amazon and on Amazon Instant Video. Could be the last movie you watch before planting season starts. Or maybe that's just us…

Note: Walmart says the DVDs out of stock. Bummer. But you can also buy the digital download through Netflix, iTunes, Blockbust, Sony PlayStation,, Xbox and YouTube, for what it's worth.

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