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The fight against stirators

The fight against stirators

Need a harvest laugh? Illinois farmer Matt Boucher rounded up some of his colleagues for this video, in their "fight against stirators."

You guys, if you're several weeks into harvest and you just need a laugh, this might be it.

Dwight, Ill., farmer Matt Boucher put together a little awareness video, spoofing the headaches that are stirators. He gathered a few farmer friends and they confessed their sin: owning a stirator. Please note the haunting music that harkens to a certain animal rights group. I'm a fan.

I also have a very early and fuzzy memory of my dad getting hurt by a stirator; it fell or something (maybe during a repair?) and cut his chin or jaw or something. See? Fuzzy. I was young enough I didn't even know what a stirator was then. But I knew this: stirators are bad.  

Editor's note: this post not sponsored by continuous flow dryer companies.

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