Finally, Harvest Weather -- Until It Rains Again

Farmers struggle to get corn, beans out and wheat in

At last, the weather is finally conducive to getting grain out of the field. But will it last long enough?

The weather folks have been kind enough to move the rain forecast from Tuesday to Wednesday, but folks who hope to get into muddy fields say that's not enough time.

Harold Mugler at Clay Center said he has been no-till for 11 years and still is fighting fields so muddy that he is struggling to get wheat in the ground.

"We're talking corn that is still 23 and 24 percent moisture," he said on Monday. "And from what I hear in the heart of the corn belt in Iowa and Illinois, it is even worse than here."

Mugler said he'll be OK if the rain misses us in midweek, but if not, he thinks soybean shatter will be a huge problem and the Oct. 31 deadline to get wheat in the ground and get crop insurance will come and go with seed wheat still in the bin.

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