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Five Things I Want My Kids to Know Before They Leave My House

Five Things I Want My Kids to Know Before They Leave My House

It's Day 27 of 30 Days|FIVE Things: cooking from scratch, balanced meals, livestock, meat and working together. Are you sensing a theme here?!

1. How to appreciate good, wholesome food. That they know what a balanced meal looks like. Fruits, veggies, good meats, milk. Sweets in moderation.

2. How to cook. From scratch. That they will leave my house knowing what to do with a chuck roast. Or a sack of flour. Or a packet of yeast.

3. What our livestock mean. That they might understand not only the purpose for the livestock we raise but that through caring for them and giving them a comfortable life, they'd gain a real appreciation and gratitude for the lives of those animals.

Image design by Erin Ehnle of Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl.

4. That they were created with purpose, on purpose and for a purpose, by a God who knows every hair on their heads. And my prayer is that they might each discover that purpose.

5.  That they might always know the value of working together to accomplish a common goal. Like, say, unloading a rack of hay. And that in the right profession, work can be both personally fulfilling and a service to their world.

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