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Five years of cash rent (stories)

Five years of cash rent (stories)

Time passes and agricultural cycles tick on, and so do questions about falling cash rent and the farmers who will pay.

I'm sorting off some piles on my desk today, which led me to a drawer, which led me to files I hadn't opened in a while. (And the realization that I don't print things and make files anymore, but I digress.)

In a file from a story on land values of some years back was a scrap of paper with two quotes on it.

One from a landowner: "I don't think my rent will go down. I'll just get another renter. There's always another renter."

And the second from a farmer: "If you get down to one or two farmers per county, how much rent do you think you will get? What if they decide your farm isn't worth farming?"

These stories just come back around, don't they? Another few years, another set of grain prices, another land value cycle. But the same questions. 

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