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The Friday Five: Cattle Show Edition

The Friday Five: Cattle Show Edition

Hearts of gold, GMOs, farming videos and (poor) activists: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

I'm writing this live from our cattle stalls at the American Junior Simmental Association National Classic, also known as junior nationals. We're having fun, meeting friends and showing cows. Donuts have been consumed, speeches given, tests taken, cattle showed and sleep missed. All in all, a good time. Nonetheless, the news goes on. Here are five link to catch you up on some pretty great stuff in food and agriculture this week.

Steer Sells at Special Auction for $31,000: This is everything that is true and right and good about agriculture and small towns. My heart aches for this young man and his family, and their incredible loss.

Interviews with Chicago moms who were part of the Illinois Farm Families tour to the Jeschke farm this spring, were part of the special Farm Progress story series on GMO labeling. Link to the entire package is below.

Core Truths: 10 Common GMO Claims Debunked: If ever you've wanted something to share on GMOs, this piece from Popular Science is it.

GMOs: The Fight to Label: (self-serving link alert!) Yes, this link is to one of my stories; it's the full package of stories I wrote this summer about GMO labeling. If ever there was a GMO page to read, bookmark, share or pin for future use, this may be it.

All I Do Is Farm: Those Peterson Farm Bros. have a new video, chock full of good information. Watch it and read more about it here on their blog.

Wealthy Activist is a Poor Advocate for the Poor: A great opinion piece from Forbes, this one points out the disparities in what activist Vandana Shiva claims and what is true. Sidenote: American universities are paying her thousands to share her ideas with students. This should alarm us all.

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