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The Friday Five: Consumer Edition

The Friday Five: Consumer Edition

Farm tours, GMOs bees, labels and more: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

Two weeks ago, the Illinois Farm Families took its new class of Chicago Field Moms to the farm and since that time, the women have been writing and reflecting on what they saw, heard and learned that day. I'm including a couple of their posts here, and I'm certain you'll find their observations enlightening, too.

Plus, a little more of the GMO conversation from the week. In all, five links to catch you up on the conversation in food and agriculture this week.

The Bees Knees: My new Chicago mom friend, Sara McGuire, wrote this piece for the Illinois Farm Families blog. She tells a great story and this is a really nice reflection on her thoughts from the recent Jeschke farm tour. Also: bees.

Mazon farmer Paul Jeschke and Chicago Field Mom Sara McGuire talk planting and corn production.

Today's Corn Not Just for Food Consumption: This is another piece from an Illinois Farm Families Field Mom, Veronica Ortega. A nice reflection on what she learned during the same Jeschke farm tour.

Field Moms Talk One-on-One to Farmers: We're on a roll here…another perspective from another Chicago mom on what she learned from her farm visit. This one is from Field Mom Heather Guido's personal blog. Good stuff

Who's Afraid of GMOs?  As a kid, my dad and I used to watch John Stossel dispense what seemed like common sense wisdom on 20/20. He just always made sense to me. These days, he's working for Fox News and he put together this bit of analysis on GMOs. It's a well-argued piece, regardless of your position. And it's been absolutely all over social media, so my apologies if you've seen it already.

Let Science, not Fear, Dictate GMO Labeling Laws: Still working on that GM labeling story…this piece from the Boston Globe is a win for science, in my opinion. For a counter-point, check out this piece.   


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