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The Friday Five: Finish with Pie Edition

The Friday Five: Finish with Pie Edition

Dairy abuse, pizza, GMOs, Food Babe, apple pie and more: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

I took a bit of a hiatus from The Friday Fives, with our trip to the International Federation of Ag Journalists Congress in Scotland last week. And like much of the world, I'm waiting with baited breath to see how those Scots voted in their race for independence. In the meantime, here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and ag, from cheese to apple pie.

Trisha Yearwood knows how to make it, and with just one dirtied pan, it's a sure-fire harvest hit. Seriously. Who doesn't love warm apple pie?

Domino's Pizza Targeted After Abuse at Dairy Farm: You may have heard that Mercy for Animals released a video this week alleging abuse at a New Mexico dairy farm. They immediately attempted to leverage that information against a national restaurant chain, but Domino's Pizza refused to be bullied, and responded in this piece with some of the greatest observations I've read in some time. Said Tim McIntyre of Domino's: "No act of cruelty can ever be condoned. Ever. What we do know is that this is not an issue with our cheese supplier – it was an isolated case of sadistic acts by employees at a single dairy farm in southern New Mexico. That farmer, who is very likely reeling from this, has terminated the employees, turned their information over to law enforcement and has closed his operations after moving his cows to other farms (according to the Associated Press). America's individual family dairy farms — 47,000 of them — are being painted in a horrible light due to the horrendous acts of a small group of individuals. That's not fair to the hardworking farmers across America."

Debate About GMO Safety Is Over: Is it? This is a compelling collection of research, presented by Forbes columnist and Genetic Literacy Project director Jon Entine.

Do You Know the Food Babe? I've shared other info on the Food Babe before (think Subway bread and yoda mats and histrionics), but this is a great piece from Emily Webel at Confessions of a Farm Wife. One of my favorite lines: "I also know, just from briefly perusing her website and reading the words, "Monsanto Milk" on this graphic, that while we may share interest in keeping our families healthy, obviously use a nice flat iron, and maybe would have been in a class or sorority together in college or a something like that, we do not agree on food production and consumption. We maybe would be Facebook friends, but after reading some of her insights that are rather one-sided and ill researched, I would hide her."

Can the Woollybear Caterpillars Predict Winter Severity? Do wooly worms predict the winter? Can we trust them? These and other pressing questions get both a fun and factual treatment in this Burrus blog from agronomist Stephanie Porter. Complete with photos.

Skillet Apple Pie with Cinnamon Whipped Cream: No, this isn't a hard-hitting piece on food production. It's an apple pie recipe, from none other than Trisha Yearwood. I had the chance to flip on the television last Saturday morning while I was working in the kitchen and she made this pie on her show. In a feat of uncharacteristic organization, I bought the ingredients and made it this week. I even bought the required pie crust and it wasn't bad. My people declared it a success and I think it will be ideal – and fast – for a harvest meal dessert. 

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