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The Friday Five: Food Edition

The Friday Five: Food Edition

Organic, anti-Anti-GMO, ag gag, power lines and FFA: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

When the Food Movement Does Not Move: 500 words on agriculture, GMOs and the food system, from someone far outside conventional Midwestern agriculture. It is worth a read to see what he thinks and how he arrived at those opinions. And we all need a little more information from outside our circles.

Reader Comment: Change of Heart on Ag-Gag: Written by an activist who worked to stop the Bettencourt Dairy in Idaho but came to see that Mercy for Animals had another agenda entirely.

Is Organic Better For Your Health? This Washington Post piece takes a look at five categories of food – milk, meat, eggs, produce and fish – examining the health benefits of the organic versions of each. Well-written and it doesn't pick sides.

Power Line, Pipe Line, Public Use, Private Takings: Smartly written by Today's Farmer editor Steve Fairchild, this is a commentary on the pipelines and high lines that seek to intersect the Midwest and a valid question: should eminent domain apply when a company is speculating on its ability to deliver power? And my new favorite line: "north Missouri has been dissected like a frog in sophomore science class."

No Plows, Cows, Sows: Here's a look at what NPR has to say about FFA. Again, we all need to read a little more about what the folks and the media outside our circle have to say about us.

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