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The Friday Five: Oh, Facts Edition

The Friday Five: Oh, Facts Edition

Cali's egg scramble, Oz guest trouble, MIA GMO DNA, HSUS and more: Here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

How California's New Egg Rules Are Scrambling the Egg Industry: Ok, so you need to brace yourself for the rash of headlines about this story that use the word, "scramble." Because it's just too easy, and apparently, very popular. Maybe because the whole thing is a little scrambled. You may recall that California passed Proposition 2 back in 2008, which required egg laying farms to give hens more space. Agriculture (outside of California) gave that situation the side-eye, knowing it would be a mess. Here we are in 2015 and sure enough, eggs in California are often costing twice as much as they did last month. At any rate, this NPR piece is a good one.

Weight-Loss Supplement Marketer Agrees to Settle FTC Charges: In my mind this is a "here we go again" story. And an "obviously" story. Another guest on another Dr. Oz show caught in deceptive marketing practices and ordered by the FTC to pay $9 million in restitution to consumers. This is Exhibit 3,968 of why everything Dr. Oz says should be questioned extensively. A report last month, in fact, showed that half of what Dr. Oz gets paid to say is completely unsupported by any smidgen of fact or science. (The Wall Street Journal covered this as well, but you'll need a subscription to see their story.)

Why Some GMO Foods Don't Have GM DNA: This is a solid question that a lot of people in agriculture have been asking: how do you test – and label – oils that are derived from GM crops, which lose all DNA presence during processing? Nice to see a scientific question and answer on NPR, and a question about the real ramifications for people who want to avoid GMOs not for health concerns, but for environmental concerns.

HSUS Announces State Ag Council: Like it's done in a handful of states already, HSUS announced this week the formation of the Wisconsin Agriculture Council. HSUS detractors say the move is nothing more than an attempt on HSUS's part to indoctrinate themselves into Wisconsin agriculture. "Look, we have farmers on our side!" But a close look at the bios of the council members reveal none from conventional agriculture, and certainly none representing the all-important Wisconsin dairy industry. HSUS's next move may be a telling one.

#CowArt: Please watch this. It's Kansas farmer and YouTuber Derek Klingenberg, feeding cows in a smiley face pattern and filming it with a drone. Go ahead and tell me you haven't thought about this before, too.

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