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The Friday Five: Show Livestock Edition

The Friday Five: Show Livestock Edition

From Illinois to Indiana to Missouri to Kansas and back again, here are five links to the best in livestock show news this week.

Indiana State Fair judges stir crowd with comments: This is a great piece from my colleague, Tom Bechman, in Indiana. He caught some pretty moving remarks from judges during their state fair, and it sounds like the crowd appreciated it. We've heard similar things in Illinois, as judges during our first-ever Grand Champion Drive spoke eloquently about the young people and what they're really learning in the show ring. Good stuff.

The sweet smell of stanky: This might be one of my favorite things ever, from my friend Holly in The Pulse, Sullivan's stock show news site. And this, from the judge she listened to: "Kids who grow up in a barn don’t ask whether they will have to work overtime on their first job. They don’t worry about whether they have to get there early or work weekends or when they get vacation. They know the value of hard work because it was learned back home in the barn." Amen.

NJAS 2015: Lauren Wolter: Tales of the epic heat at this year's Angus Junior Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have been long and well told, but I love this video from Angus TV's YouTube channel. It doesn't hurt that we happen to know this little girl and went to college with her parents. Give it a watch and tell me her parents aren't in hook, line and sinker for the rest of their lives. This is so very much what working with livestock is all about.

"The Life of Layton" on Facebook: This isn't so much a story to read, but a Facebook page for a young Missouri boy named Layton Stonger, who has cerebral palsy but managed to show sheep all summer. If you don't come away inspired then I just can't help you. This little guy is an overcomer.

Sale of state fair's champion steer breaks another record: Gov. Bruce Rauner, Scotty McCreery, a college girl from McLean County and $61,000. These things will, in general, not be found in the same sentence together, except in a story about the Illinois State Fair Sale of Champions. It's a big deal here in Illinois, and our own Max Armstrong credits much of its success to Orion Samuelson's involvement, and notes sales in surrounding states aren't nearly as strong. 2015 marked 54 years of Orion's emcee work. Very cool.

Bonus #6:

See You at the Fair: if you didn't catch my series on the all the excellent changes at the Illinois State Fair, this is the place to do it. So much good stuff in a few short days, and so good for livestock exhibitors. It made a lot of us very happy to be there this year.

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