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The Friday Five: Watch, Don't Read

The Friday Five: Watch, Don't Read

Big movies for agriculture, cooking a perfect steak, drones and more. Check out five videos that are worth the watch this week!

Live from the 2014 Commodity Classic, a short list of videos that are worth the watch. Take a look!

Farmland: Remember Food, Inc? King Corn? Chipotle and their series? Farmland is agriculture's answer to the documentaries that have cast the industry in a certain (dark) light. Funded by USFRA and directed by Academy-Award-winning director James Moll, Farmland is set to be released later this spring. In the meantime, this link takes you to a trailer for the movie. And it's a great share, too, to let your social media friends know the movie is coming.

How to Cook a Perfect Steak: This is a two-for-one. After a quick list called "8 Ridiculous Myths about Eating Meat," you'll find a video where a top New York chef describes how to cook a steak. It's wonderful. He talks about the different personalities of the different cuts of beef. My word. Now I want a steak.

Peterson Farm Brothers "Life of a Farmer" series: So the young men of the "Chore" and "I'm Farming and I Grow It" fame have begun a monthly series called Life of a Farmer. It's pretty straightforward and it's a great share if you have social media friends with farming questions.

2014 Young Farmer Sustainability Award Winner: Minnesota young farmer Bryan Boll shares how he went from 800 to 5,000 acres, plus a couple hundred head of cows, in this video from Bayer CropScience. It's well done and clearly, Bryan is keeping busy.

Ag Tech Talk: So this one isn't exactly a link to a video; you have to scroll down for the video. It's a blog by Chad Colby, featuring the latest in ag technology. The cool thing is that Chad has rapidly become the Midwest authority on Unmanned Aerial Systems, or UAS, or drones. He offers classes, and the last one before summer is coming up on March 15. The link will take you to that info, too.

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