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Gearing Up for a Farm Show

Hay Expo focuses on one idea - making top quality feed. And we list tractor design winners.

Our Farm Progress Show Team is hard at work this week near Strawberry Point, Iowa, putting the finishing touches on the 2010 Hay Expo. This is the only outdoor show devoted to hay and forage-making and visitors will get the chance to see the latest technology, and iron, available.

For us it's the official start of the 2010 show season - I know the great winter New York Farm Show actually kicks off 2010; but when it comes to outdoor shows for us, Hay Expo gets the ball rolling.

All the Farm Progress Shows are devoted to providing visitors the chance to learn about the newest technology available for feed making. Top quality forages are an efficient way to boost beef and dairy cattle nutrition. And there's plenty of technology going into this area from better bred seeds, to GPS tools and finally to better ways to harvest the crop.

Check out the Web site for more information about the 2010 show, you can also check out a video of the exhibit field being chopped late last week before the tents started rolling in. You'll see the first run of the host farm's New Holland forage chopper, and get some insight into the show location. Check out that video HERE.

Last week I promised final results from the 2010 International 1/4-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition. What follows is a rundown of the classes and the winners for the 2010 event.

Jim and Darcy Schmidt Family Cookoff Awards - designed to allow teams to show off their regional favorite dishes, this meal event honors the best side dish, main dish and dessert. Here are the winners:
Side Dish: Spicy Sweet Potatoes - Texas A&M University.
Main Dish: Boiled Crawfish - Nicholls State University (Louisiana).
Dessert: Chic-de-Femme Bread Pudding with toffee sauce - Nicholls State University.
Overall Winner: Boiled Crawfish - Nicholls State University.

Best Appearance for the tractor determined by the judges, teams and competition committee members to have the most impressive aesthetic and design appeal. WINNER - University of Saskatchewan.

Teamwork Award for the team that displays an extraordinary level of organization, with each team member actively participating and contributing their unique talents to the team effort. WINNER - Ohio State University

Sportsmanship Award goes to the team that exhibits a continually positive attitude and is willing to look beyond its own needs to assist other teams. WINNER - University of Wisconsin - Madison

Craftsmanship Award for the tractor that demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, manufacturing, processes and professionalism. WINNER - University of Saskatchewan.

Manufacturability Award is given to the team that has shown the highest regard for manufacturability, as determined by a panel of manufacturing engineers and design engineers. WINNER - University of Saskatchewan.

Serviceability Award for the machine determined by judges to be the most serviceable design. WINNER - Universite Laval (Quebec, Canada).

Safety Award recognizing the design which shows a superior concern for safety. WINNER - University of Saskatchewan.

Maneuverability Award for the tractor that demonstrates the most maneuverability. WINNER - University of Nebraska.

Ergonomics Award for the machine judged to demonstrate the most attention to detail to operator comfort and aimed to reduce operator fatigue. WINNER - Oklahoma State University.

Sound Level Award for the tractor that does the most to reduce noise pollution. WINNER - North Dakota State University.

Innovation Award - recognizing a school that goes above and beyond the basic requirements with an application of new technology, or an innovative use of older technology. WINNER - Universite Laval for its shield interlock system.

Written Design Report - which teams must provide detailing their machine and all its features. Third Place - Ohio State University; Second Place - Modesto (California) Junior College; Winner - University of Nebraska.

Team Presentation Award - where teams present their machine, its approach and costs to a panel of judges who act as a real-world corporate design review board. Third Place - Cal Poly State University; Second Place - Universite Laval; Winner - University of Wisconsin - River Falls.

Team Pulling - For 2010 one team won all four hooks in the tractor pull. Two in the 1,050-pound class and two in the 1,550-pound class. The winner - University of Illinois

Overall point winners for tractor pull - demonstrating consistent performance for the team's tractors. Third place - Nicholls State University; Second Place - University of Kentucky; Winner - University of Illinois.

Most Improved Team Award - for the team that improves the most. This team rose 13 places above it's 2009 competition placement - WINNER - University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Overall Point Champions - for teams that demonstrated an exceptional competency in all areas of the competition.
Fifth Place - Purdue University
Fourth Place - University of Saskatchewan
Third Place - Nicholls State University
Second Place - University of Kentucky
Design Competition Champion - University of Illinois

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