Farmer Iron

Gearing Up for Hay Expo

Hot feed-making tech will be on hand near Cannon Falls, Minn. this week. And the hay's ready to cut!

Anyone who reads Farmer Iron at least a little regularly (thank you) knows I like farm shows - probably why I like working at Farm Progress so much. A day or three spent perusing the shiny new equipment, looking at innovations and checking out how different companies approach the same task is plenty of fun. And this week I'm heading to the Farm Progress Hay Expo.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Hay Expo travels to Minnesota for the first time near Cannon Falls about 25 miles south of the Twin Cities. The event will be held at Hernke's Inc., which has set aside 150 acres for the big event.

Farm Progress events are known for their demos and Hay Expo is the king in this department with areas use for mowing, conditioning, baling and chopping equipment demonstrations. The 10-acre exhibit field will display a wide range of tools used for forage and feed-making for today's most efficient operations.

See a wide range of equipment at the 2011 show from balers to forage choppers, hard at work in the fields.

While this little blog is obviously self-promotional, for me the show has value because it's a way for me to keep up on a very specific area of technology. Given today's rising feed costs, proper forage-making should be getting even more attention from producers - those who raise their own feed and for those who custom raise feed to sell into the market. High quality forages are an important part of that healthy diet for dairy and beef operations that can help curb feed costs (provided you're not in a drought area where he's being airlifted in).

The Hernke's will have plenty of top quality alfalfa to cut and until this week temperatures have been cooler, slowing developing. The forecast is for cooler weather during the two-day show - June 8 & 9. Plan to join us and learn the latest in forage production. I'll be the guy roaming in front of the equipment beyond the safety rope during field demos.

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