Good News Is It's Raining; Bad News Is Not Where We Need It Most

All indications point to a prolonged period of dry weather, especially for the western third of the state

Rain was pretty widespread across Kansas today as a cold front  lumbered across the state then backed up, creating a seasonal but strange-feeling switches between cool, damp and windy and warm, muggy and windy as the day wore on.

I complained that I was never dressed right as I left the house to my oldest daughter who promptly reminded me that it's a lot harder to be the mother of four kids that you never know how to dress than it is just to take care of yourself. Ouch! But point taken.

Both my daughters have complained for the last two weeks that the seasonal change-up in temperatures doubles their laundry load as they have to send kids off to school or out to play in different outfits for the morning and the afternoon.

Today's change-ups brought welcome showers to much of south-central and southeast Kansas and scattered showers in the northwest.

But the parched southwest portion of the state missed the rain, and that's the area that needs it most. With much of the wheat crop dusted in, just a little rain in that region would work wonders.

Unfortunately, the long-range NOAA forecast released just yesterday says La Nina will likely be with us for several more months and that typically brings warmer, drier than normal weather to Kansas.

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