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Good Thing I Work for a Company with Farm Shows

Good Thing I Work for a Company with Farm Shows

What is it about getting outside at a farm show to watch new equipment run anyway?

There are times when an affliction comes upon you quick - like a bad dinner. There are other things that bloom slowly in a person but when fully realized create fantastic possibilities in your mind. Really.

For me the slow-growing but thoroughly captivating addition is the farm show. Perhaps it's because I kind of like crowds - even on a hot day in May Disney World can be fun as long as you realize where you are and that all of the people you're with are really there to have a good time.

LOVE TO WATCH: Farmers line up to watch equipment run at the Farm Progress Hay Expo

But the farm show, not that's an event that not everyone gets or goes to. As someone who lives in a quiet Minnesota suburb, when you talk about your job with others their eyes kind of glaze over. But when you say - well I'm headed off to a farm show - they get it! They understand that you're going somewhere that will be both interesting and fun - and in my case I'm getting paid to do it!

So this week I get to feed that addiction for two days near Waukon, Iowa (just six miles northeast of town right off Highway 9) at Regancrest Holsteins. The location is idea for a show like this, and the demonstrations will be fun. I can almost hear the diesels starting now.

Getting the most out of a farm show isn't always easy. I've been writing about ways to maximize your time at a show for years - really years - and frankly each of us has their own way to do a show. Hay Expo has more than 100 exhibitors on hand, and they're all pretty much focused on one thing - feed-making.

The hallmark of this show, however, is that you're going to get to see a lot of different kinds of hay and forage tools at work. From mowing, tedding, raking, windrow merging, chopping and baling - if you're looking to get more efficient you'll see it at work here. And yes that's a pretty bald-faced promo statement.

Yet any farm show with demonstrations is a winner - we just really get into it here at Farm Progress. So check out to get more information on everything from hotels to directions to the site to the exhibitor list and more. And make plans for the trip to Waukon. I'm not getting into the "get paid a lot to be wrong business" of weather forecasting, but my fingers are crossed that we'll have a grand couple of days.

And check out these links if you want more information - some come from our partner Hay & Forage Grower magazine.

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