This Grandma Has No Shortage of Things to Be Thankful For

With 10 of the 12 grandkids at the table, Thanksgiving was a truly great day in my household

There is a time when the right thing to do is just slow down and enjoy the moments. I say moments, plural, because my Thanksgiving weekend was blessed with so very many of them.

I am still tucking the memories away so I can pull them out and relive them when life gets stressful and problems seem to pile up.

Holidays are always BIG around our house because our family is big. Sunday dinner with just the kids and grandkids is dinner for 16. Throw in the other grandparents, a few friends with no family in town and pretty soon, there’s no table in the world big enough, so we just keep adding folding tables and chairs until there’s a seat for everybody.

This year, a couple of the granddaughters were old enough to get in on the action of getting dinner on the table, giving me a chance to pass on a few words of wisdom and explain the history of some of our family’s traditional dishes. It made me remember my first efforts at helping my grandmother in the kitchen and learning how a “pinch” differed from a “dash.”

It was also at her side that I learned you don’t always have to have every ingredient in the recipe – you can skip nutmeg in the pumpkin pie, for example. But others you can’t leave out – baking powder comes to mind.

As we all worked together and talked and laughed and cleaned up the inevitable spills and splatters, it occurred to me how very lucky I am to have my family nearby and to be able to spend not just holidays but everyday weekends watching them grow and learn and find their way in the world.

This week, I started penciling in the calendar to figure out just how on earth I am going to get everything done between now and Christmas and I realized how thankful I am for the blessing of having to “double up” to find time for each and every grandchild to do something “holiday special” with Grandma.

It’s a great life and I wouldn’t change a hectic moment of it.

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