Heat Warning Continues Through End of Weekend; Livestock Danger Extreme

Temperatures in 100s with humidity near 40% creates health hazard for humans, animals and plants; relief is not immediately in sight

Kansas continues to bake under a broiling August sun that many folks find far more typical of past Kansas weather than the cool, wet August days of the last couple of years.

As a result, the fall crops that flourished in the '08 and '09 are not doing so well this year.

In Barton County, Extension Ag Agent Rick Snell, says farmers have probably already lost up to 20 bushels per acre of soybean yields and are losing another bushel a day for every day that it doesn't rain. And there's no rain int he 7-day forecast.

Snell says dryland corn is probably also losing a bushel a day  but a lot of it was early-planted and is close enough to maturity that it is test weights and not yields that will be most affected.

On the livestock front, he warns that conditions are beginning to mirror three weeks ago when 100-degree heat combined with high humidity and an uncharacteristic lack of wind resulted in more than 2,000 deaths of cattle in the feedlots.

About the best news around right now would be rain, followed by cooler weather.

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