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Here's an Idea - Share a Harvest Photo

We've got a Facebook page where you can share your best harvest pix if you have time.

The world of social media is growing so fast some of us old codgers have trouble keeping up. Yet farmers are learning that having a Facebook page or at least being on Facebook may have value. And we have a few Facebook pages ourselves. And we added a new fan page this year for you to check out and "like"

Our Farm Progress Daily Facebook fan page works in tandem with our new site where we're gathering up all our state/regional site information into one site to check out every once in awhile. You can also catch hot news from that site if you "like" our page - since updates from us will show up in your Facebook news feed.

Recently Jessica Lavicky, editor of the Farm Progress Daily page started asking recipients of the daily e-newsletter to send along harvest photos and those of you have sign up are doing it. There are already some very nice pictures there and we'd like to see more.

There's really nothing quite like a combine rolling through a field of corn, soybeans or wheat, or how about a picker going through cotton, or how about some peanut picking or a rice harvest. That's the fun of working at Farm Progress, we cover it ALL.

I spent some quality time on the Georgia Peanut Tour at the end of September and got an update on peanut issues (there aren't enough so stock up on peanut butter); saw the value of RTK-level GPS in twin-row peanuts and met a lot of great folks too. In fact I've got my own harvest shot below from the tour - those are twin-rowed peanut that first have to be lifted out of the ground before they can go through the picker.

The specialty equipment related to all types of crops makes this a fascinating business and we're going to see even more as equipment firms ramp up their innovation to meet our growing need for food.

You're doing that, and quite well thank you. So share those photos on the Farm Progress Daily Facebook page, "like" the page too and become a friend of our new service.

Peanuts have to be lifted out of the ground to dry before they can be picked. It's an interesting process for those that haven't seen it done. One tip, those green peanuts are pretty tasty right out of the field. Grabbed this shot during the 2011 Georgia Peanut Tour, which is an informational event that really fills you in on this interesting industry.

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