Holidays Are Over; Let Education Begin

Make plans now to be at No-Till on the Plains at end of January

I always think of November and early December as the "season of conventions" because almost every organization has an annual meeting somewhere in there.

The rest of the winter is education conferences and one of the biggest is coming up Jan. 25-26 in Salina: the annual No-Till on the Plains Conference.

This one is special whether you are currently no-till or just thinking about it. It's a chance to learn what no-till is all about, explore how you might gain soil health, productivity and yield from using less tillage and hear from other farmers about their experience.

The trade show floor offers a good look at the tools you need and what kind of price tag they carry with experts on hand to let you know what you really need to dip a toe in the water and what you can do without for the time being.

Registration is open with only a few more days to take advantage of "early bird" rates.

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