Impact of Climate Change from Any Source Could Hit Kansas Hard

Conference suggests period of higher temperatures, less moisture for Kansas

The Kansas Division of Water Resources and the Kansas Water Office, with some help from Kansas State University,  are holding a couple of informational and educational events in Wichita and Hays today and tomorrow.

It is a challenging issue, especially when you realize that as the industrialized world, no matter how decimated our economy becomes trying to fight nature, we are going to be expected to clean up whatever mess occurs.

Will things get as bad as the forecast? Will they be even worse? The scary part is we don't know. There are so many unknowns that it makes your head spin.

Are there answers?

Sure there are. We should do what we know is right, no matter what is going on with global warming. And that includes using less water, conserving energy and protecting our natural resources every chance we get. We should agree on that and move forward, confident that we can deal with whatever else happens.

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