My Generation

It's a New Day

New efforts to take the farm to consumers starts with a new blog, a new logo and a new website. And what's this thing called a "Field Mom"?

There's a new venture in Illinois agriculture. You may recall the Farmer Image Campaign, kicked off at the Illinois State Fair last summer. The group was the brainchild of Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Beef, Illinois Corn Growers, Illinois Pork Producers and Illinois Soybean. The idea was to pool resources, hire a real-live PR agency, and spread the agricultural word beyond the choir.

One of their initial steps was to hire the agency Morgan & Myers, and begin polling. They polled and interviewed 1,100 non-farm adults in Illinois. They collected their findings. They sorted out the results. They began a training effort last fall, talking to various ag bloggers, media and leading Illinois farmers. I got to sit next to Emily Webel and Doug and Erin Martin, as we all learned more about how we can work together to reach consumers through social media.

Much of this research has culminated in a new website, Watch Us Grow, and a new blog. The blog will be written by various farmers across the state, and today, I'm honored to be guest blogging there, in part about our farm and in part about the new "Field Mom" program. I hope you'll click here and check out it, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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