It's Good To Be Home, But How Did I Get So Far Behind?

Three days at a great convention; one day in airline abyss and I'm back to work

Last weekend, my daughter and I flew together to beautiful St. Paul, Minnesota.

She'd reconnected with her best friends from grade school and her favorite babysitters of 15 years ago on Facebook, so I invited her to come with me to Ag Media Summit, which this year was in St. Paul.

We flew out on Sunday; a flawless, non-stop flight that arrived in plenty of time for her to make phone calls and me to get ready for a welcome cruise on the Mississippi. She did reunion connections while I went to seminars and we joined up for a great time with old friends at dinner. One of her friends even took us on a sightseeing venture to see our old neighborhood, my old haunts and the "new" St. Paul.

I needed to be back for in Kansas for business and she needed to be back home for kids on Wednesday so we opted for a late afternoon flight on Tuesday. Not counting, of course, on thunderstorms and backed up traffic and -- you guessed it -- a connection through Atlanta. So, amid thunderstorms in Georgia and tornado watches and warnings in Minnesota we sat in the airport until it was truly futile, then checked into a motel near the airport.

I missed the big final night awards banquet and an event I really wanted to attend on Wednesday. She missed kissing her kids goodnight. 

Bummed, we waited and made it out into azure skies Wednesday morning. Not without some ticket counter complexities and a little underwire difficulty with TSA, but more on that that is another story.

So, now, I am looking at a mountain of things that didn't get done while I was away and mountain more information I want to bring to all my Kansas Farmer readers as soon as I can turn it into stories.

Overall, a successful journey.

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