It's Snowing, It's Drifting, It's Miserable, But It Really Is Not Moist

The winter wheat crop desperately needs moisture, but this light, fluffy snow doesn't help much

It is easy to feel miserable with the weather conditions outside; high winds, blowing snow, bitter cold.

And the thing that should make it bearable -- at least we're getting badly need moisture -- isn't that comforting, considering that this light, powdery, dry snow doesn't have much moisture content. In fact, the four inches that has fallen in the Wichita area is projected to have added a paltry .25 inches to our rain profile.

Temperatures on Tuesday night are expected to drop below zero, with brisk winds making the wind chills bitterly, even brutally, cold. But there isn't much relief from the snow cover that normally protects vegetation. The light, fluffy snow is largely expected to be blown off fields by the time the temperature drops. And The light, dry layer isn't that helpful to start with.

Still, some moisture is better than no moisture. And in that regard, is better than we've had so far this winter.

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