Just Because They Haven't Come for Us, We Can't Be Complacent

The battle against the enemies of animal agriculture is everybody's fight.

I've heard a few words of disturbing complacency from Kansas producers in regard to the legislative battles our friends in other states are fighting with the Humane Society of the United States as it pushes its anti-agriculture agenda.

It's true that no initiatives have been introduced in Kansas. Yet.

But that doesn't mean Kansas has gotten by without damage from this movement or that we will be spared a statehouse or court battle down the road.

The movement to end horse slaughter, for example, has been costly to Kansas ranchers and Kansas horses alike. And any decrease in demand for beef, pork and poultry hits home in Kansas.

Ag producers and ag advocates alike need to keep our heads up and be ready to defend our livelihood. HSUS does not hesitate to mislead the public and outright lie about its mission and activities. Make no mistake. These people want to destroy animal agriculture. And they wouldn't mind seeing biotechnology go with it.

So keep watching and listening for media reports that indicate a reporter has been duped by these fanatics into believing that they are all about rescuing innocent kittens and puppies. Don't hesitate to call your local newspaper, television or radio station and tell them these people do not operate shelters, rescue pets or provide help to pet owners.

In reality, they lobby governments and write press releases. And they work tirelessly to destroy agriculture. Make sure everybody you know understands that.

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