Kansas State Fair of 2009 is History

Last day of the Fair always kind of sad

I have to admit it. I always hate the end of the first weekend of the Fair because most of the 4-H kids go away.

But I really, really hate the last day. Just because it is over.

I remember being a kid and how GLAD I was that the Fair was finally over. But then, it was WORK. Now, it's like the Fair is a mirror of life, racing by so fast that I can't quite grab it before it's gone.

Am I the only old person out there who thinks the days and the weeks seem to go faster and faster and the kids get bigger and bigger before you have a chance to grab on and hold the good stuff tight?

I find myself hoping my little grandson doesn't outgrow calling me "Gee-ma" too fast. Already I know I had one shot at the
"am-i-nals" at the Fair. And now, it's gone.

This year, my oldest granddaughter was just at the top of the weight range for riding the ponies. She's eight. I feel like she was born yesterday. Let's face it. It feel like her MOM was born yesterday.

Yet even as I watch her and her siblings and her cousins grow, I remind myself how lucky I am that they are growing up in arm's length of me, that I see them almost every day. Whatever the challenges, I am the luckiest "Gee-Ma" who ever lived.

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