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New tools can keep you connected - all the time.

This blog is aimed at technology and equipment you use on the farm, and sometimes to enhance the value of your investment you talk to others. That's where a blog and a discussion board can come in.


This blog - and the others you find in the blog section of this site - contains information aimed at your farm business. From casual observations about farming to in-depth looks at key ideas, you're going to find new information here every week. And sometimes more often.


This interconnected-ness that the Web offers also allows you to talk back to us. And believe it or not, editors like to read what farmers have to say. We want you to keep us honest, or ask us questions we can go out and find the answers too. And in the end we meet the aim of providing you valuable information we hope you can put to use on your farm.


And we'll be trying out new technologies to stay connected too. For example, I'm using Facebook - the social networking system - to learn more about how that can work for a person. I've connected with college friends, business colleagues and even some people from high school (and for me that's a long time ago). If you're on Facebook, look me up.


Or there's Twitter - a service that allows you to do a kind of stream of thought posting that is a way to get quick information - provided you're being "followed" by the right people. Not sure farmers are going to jump on Twitter - but if you're already there you can follow me at And I'll keep that link at the bottom of my blog going forward - in case you join and want to follow. I expect when I'm at shows and events - such as the National Farm Machinery Show and other places, that I'll Twitter during the event. Heck we might get an idea or two shared just from that.


Your deploying new technology across your operation. From computers to new machinery. Farmer Iron aims to make sense of that, and how best to put it to work. We can work together to get the best information available for your farm (and doing that helps everyone who reads this blog). Thanks for your help.


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