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The Late May Craziness

The Late May Craziness

Planting progress (or lack thereof), end of school, baseball, late nights, bearded men, fair weather. This calls for a list.

A list, because:

1. It's the last full week of school. Which means we're running to town every day for class plays, assemblies, lunches, baseball, carnivals, and more. Actual school work is rapidly winding down. We're staying out too late in the evenings because it's nice and we don't want to come inside, which is fine and dandy except for the school bedtimes. The kids are so done. And so are we. But still, we have two more days this week, one full day next week (thanks a lot, flood day), then report card day. It's like a death march to the last day, except with small, hyper children. And no actual death.

Our baseball boy and his buddy, J.D., on one of only five baseball events that haven't been rained out this spring. Judging by the team sponsor, maybe that's our fault.

2. We're not done with corn here on the Spangler farm. We got rain Sunday night, spent most of Monday drying out, and John headed back to the field around 6:30 Monday evening. His actual words were, "I just need two more hours to finish this field." I looked at the radar and the impending storm front and lost a little hope. Sure enough, the storm front that wreaked havoc on Oklahoma arrived about an hour and a half later. He had five acres to go.

3.  Oh, Oklahoma. I went to bed Monday night, sick at my stomach for those parents whose babies were still out in the dark. I just can't imagine. I watch the news and the devastation and It feels like a minor miracle that the (current) death toll stands at 24. Maybe a major miracle. And people are just good; two local FFA chapters are sending money to the Moore FFA chapter. That's good stuff, right there. And that's one example, out of hundreds.

4. We're hosting a baby shower at our house this weekend. This has nothing to do with agriculture, except for the yard mowing, mulching, flower planting and yard mowing that's going on here. And the yard mowing. Are you with me here? The one upside of the 2012 Drought was that I mowed once every six weeks. Not so much right now. Our mower agrees; I mowed eight feet last week and it stunned itself into silence. Underneath, this large PTO-shaft-type thing was dragging the ground. Not a good sign. Especially since the yard was already approaching bale-able conditions. I had to do something, so I grabbed the small tractor and the 72-inch mower. It wasn't pretty but by golly, it was done. 

5. Rain and baseball don't mix. We've had two practices and two games so far, because everything else has been rained out. This is disappointing, but only to the young ball player. (Sorry. It's true. But if you're trying to plant corn and run to town 62 times a week, you know where I'm coming from.)

6. We're a little excited about this. I hope we're done planting by then.

7. No beans in the ground here. You?

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