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A Lesson in Showmanship

You can learn a lot from a good judge and a cattle showmanship class.

Sometimes, you show your cattle and you walk away and say, well that was fun. And you move on.

And sometimes you complain about the judge or about how he placed the animals or about his reasons.

Other times, you walk away nodding your head, and hoping these kids were paying attention to everything he said.

Listening to Adam Dryer judge showmanship at our county fair last week was one of those times when we hoped the kids were paying attention. In fact, we told them to pay attention. I even recorded it.

And so I'll share it here. This is Adam talking to each of the kids in the Sunrise Showmanship class, for first year showmen. If you have a young person in their first or second or third year showing cattle, or maybe they're gonna show next year for the first time, have them watch this. Learn from what he says. Adam was fun and generous with each of our young people, and more than that, he gave them some real advice. He did the same thing in junior and senior showmanship and I'd like to say I videoed that, but no. So give this a watch.

I'll apologize in advance for the shaky camera. I was a nervous mom holding an iPhone. If you have to, look away and just listen to him – his advice is that good!

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