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Lining Up with New Products

Companies are getting us to 'mark our calendars' for advance looks at new tools. Looks like plenty of innovation ahead.

There are two events this week, cross-scheduled, with a pair of companies that have us scrambling to get people in the right places. It's part of the fun of being an equipment editor, you get to visit with company engineers and product folks about the latest tools coming to the industry. And it turns out, you get to drive the new stuff too.

I'm headed out to see whatever John Deere is planning to launch during the 2009 fall farm show season. Dan Crummett is headed out to see what Polaris has in store. But this is just the beginning of a busy summer schedule of new products. And there's going to be plenty to see - of course for some of this you won't see it online until after specific product introduction embargoes. That's just part of the game.

I enjoy the chance to be among the first to see new tools and equipment. It's a privilege to look at new technology as it just starts coming off the factory floor. I've had the chance to see plenty of new tools months, and sometimes years, before you see it in the local dealership.

Perhaps what amazes me most is the ability of engineers to find new ways to innovate something that's been around awhile. I mean, come on, how much can you do to a powerful tractor designed to pull big equipment? Bigger engine? New Cab?

Yet each year, engineers design in useful new features farmers find they can't live without. I expect the same this year. In addition, changes to emissions standards have all the major tractor makers doing new things. We've written about some in the past, and you'll see more this fall.

Here's your chance to guide the coverage...if you have time. Just drop a comment here about new tech you want to see, equipment questions and whatever else is on your mind. Registered users can make comments. We do read 'em. Thanks.

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