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The List: Who’s doing 30 Days?

The List: Who’s doing 30 Days?

The show goes on, with some great reading all across the farm blog land.

Reactions to my announcement that I wouldn’t be doing a 30 Days series have been off-the-charts mixed, and doggone hilarious. From some who said they felt inspired to carry on, to those who said, “Amen and thank you, Lord – I don’t have to do it this year!” Both made me smile, equally big.

So if you’re looking for some good stuff to follow this month, with those long and dark evenings now upon us, here are the links. Enjoy – and happy reading!

Rural Route 2: 30 Days of Farm Girl Faith

Standing out in the Field: 30 Days of Ag Info

Idaho Cattle Women: 30 Days of Idaho Women in Ag

Prairie Californian: 30 Days of Food

Black Ink, from CAB: 30 Days of Every Number Has a Story

Mackinson Dairy Farm: 30 Days of Women in Dairy

Minnesota Farm Living: 30 Days of MN Agriculture

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