Lots to See, Lots to Learn, But Oh, Boy, Is It Hot

Ag Technology Day at Great Bend offers opportunity to ride and drive, workshops and more on latest in technology

I was in Great Bend today for an Agriculture Technology Day that offered a variety of booths and vendors of products that might help farmers improve their efficiency at tasks from planting to spraying to harvesting.

The turnout was remarkable, especially considering that the temperature hit 100 degrees by noon. But hey, what better reason for a demonstration ride than than an air conditioned cab?

The Expo ground buildings were HOT, but farmers still gathered to learn about social networking and using the profit calculator designed by K-State.

Special workshops offered help with learning Slingshot, a suite of wireless products from Raven, data management on SST Software, On-the-Go nutrient sensing from Veris Technologies and fertilizer system configurations for planters and seeders from SureFire Ag Systems.

It always amazes me that no matter what the weather or the challenges, when it comes to learning more and working more effectively, you can count on farmers to show up and learn.

I'm willing to bet that there is not another industry in the world where the people who actually do the work in all of the working conditions, are as engaged, as eager to learn and as capable as the farmers of Kansas. Guys, I am so proud of you. You rock!!

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