More Funds and More Time to Apply for EQIP Is Welcome News

Cost share is essential tool for many ranchers to make improvements.

I was happy to see that the deadline for sign-ups to the EQIP program have been extended to April 10 and that the federal budget may include some funding for additional EQIP projects.

Farmers and ranchers in Kansas have long know that the cost-sharing by EQIP enables completion of  many projects that significantly improve the impact of cattle operations on the environment.

On Tuesday, I was talking to Master Farmer Berry Bortz in Pratt County about his operation and he said that EQIP funds enabled him to improve manure management and build lagoons for his feedlot. He said that even though he had to wait a long time for funding to come through -- and by the time it did, construction costs had gone up -- it was still essential to making the project happen.

Do you have success stories with EQIP? Frustrations with the program? Share them here. Respond to this blog or start a discussion board on why EQIP and other conservation programs work or don't work.

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