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New Tillage, Farm Websites Offer Info

Launch of a couple new websites caught our eye, and might be of interest to you too.

It's both easier and harder to keep up with what's new these days. Sure there's a lot of information out there (provided by Yours Truly and my worthy competitors) to help you keep up, but companies are also stepping up with new information delivered in new ways as well. A couple dropped into the ol' email in-box this week that I thought you might find interesting.

First up is word that HCC Inc., has launched a new mini-site focused exclusively on their vertical tillage tool, the Smart-Till. You can learn more at In the release, Ron Roglis, HCC marketing and sales manager, says the goal of the site is to "create a resource for our customers and potential customers. Because of the mounting popularity around vertical tillage, we wanted Smart-Till to have its own unique presence on the Web, outside of our corporate website."

So what will you find if you take the time to check out the site? We visited and found information about how the tool works, what makes it different from the competition and even customer testimonials. Right now there's no video or added multimedia, but that doesn't mean it won't follow. In addition, the on-staff agronomist - Dr. Daniel Davidson - offers his take on a range of hot topics and how vertical tillage may play a role as a solution.

If you're seeking more information on vertical tillage, this is another information resource to check out.

A Little History Please

In the 21st Century, what do companies do when they celebrate a big event? They create a website and that's just what Growmark has done. Or rather, they've built an enhanced "Our History" section on the co-op's main website. The aim is to give visitors greater information about what they call "the System."

You can comb through seven "eras" each built around significant events that impacted the cooperative as it grew from what they call "humble beginnings" to what they've become today.

Interestingly, the cooperative got it start as horse-drawn farm implements were abandoned in favor of engine-driven equipment. The need for a reliable, rural fuel supplier in Illinois started with the cooperative called Illinois Farm Supply Company. And the rest is history.

There are videos with a former chairman, and commentary on key ways events shaped the growing cooperative. It's interesting reading even if Growmark doesn't serve you part of the country. Go to and click on "Our History" to start reading.


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