Farmer Iron

New Way to Get Equipment Information

Tracking your most valuable capital asset gets easier with a new e-newsletter.

I've always had a love of farm equipment, and more so since I started covering the industry back in the early 1980s (an interesting time for sure). And as my responsibilities at Farm Progress have grown in recent years, I've kept in touch with this industry segment by continuing to attend trade shows and such.

I know farmers like equipment too, because of the interest I get on the topic. But how could we do a better job of providing you more equipment information in a useful format?

Our magazines already offer What's New information, I write a column in the magazine covering a range of equipment topics, our editors cover technology information...what could we do?

The answer is PowerIron, a new e-newsletter designed to give you an update on the machinery industry twice a month. Developed along with my colleague, Dan Crummett, this newsletter offers industry news, links to new products, and connections to in-depth blogs and stories on a wide range of topics. And it's not all links as we work to make sure the newsletter has good information you can read right away. We think you'll find the newsletter useful in your business as you work to "keep up" on the latest tools.

You can learn more by trying out PowerIron just by visiting There you can sign up for this latest addition in your information toolbox. Give it a try. The next issue is scheduled to ship next week, so sign up soon and you won't miss it.

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