Newseum Visit Provides Pride in Journalism Career

Visit to Washington D.C. provides chance to see news museum

I am in Washington, D.C. this week with the Kansas Farm Bureau County Presidents on their annual trip to the capitol to see government in action and get a chance to interact with Congressmen and Senators.

But it is also a chance to see some of the best attractions, which yesterday included a trip to the Newseum, a museum dedicated to the history of American journalism.

I'd been there once before with the North American Ag Journalists, but the place is even more impressive now than it was then.

Wandering the levels of exhibits from the Guttenberg Bible to the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning photography brought reminder after reminder of the role that the press has played in history.

And for me, it provided a sense of pride in the career where I have spent my life. What a great experience.

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