My Generation

Not Better Than Tractors

My little farm boy wasn't sure that he loved Jesus more than his tractors.

A story about my four-year-old, Nathan, that’s too good not to share:


Last Sunday, his aunt was leading the opening singing at Sunday School for the younger kids. She decided to teach them a new song, an old camp favorite called “I Love Jesus Better then Ice Cream.” She wanted to drive home the point about what they were singing so she asked them what they loved most in the whole world – and then, whether they loved Jesus even more.


So the kids were thinking and Nathan shot his little hand up in the air. Aunt Colleen asked him what he loved the most. He didn’t really have anything in mind and sometimes it takes a little while to get a thought from his brain to his mouth, so she tried to help him along.


“What about tractors?” she asked. “Do you love Jesus even more than tractors?”


He thought about it, cocking his head to the side, and still thinking, replied, “Ummmm….no.”


Hey, at least he’s honest, right?! To top it off, instead of tractors, he offered up his big sister: “But I wuv Jesus more than Jenna!”


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