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Not Nuts about Preconceived Notions

Mike Rowe offers an outsider’s view of a basic animal husbandry technique and learns that PETA may not know what they’re talking about after all.

Ever watch Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel? It’s a favorite at our house, and not just for Mike Rowe’s occasional foray into dirty agricultural jobs. We all cringed at the one where he caught snakes for the Ohio State University and got bit so hard on the wrist it actually pinched the skin together. And we laughed out loud when the woman he was working with told him, “Don’t worry – she’ll let go soon.”


We like Mike because he tells it like it is, and he’s usually pretty funny. Like the time he learned to artificially inseminate a dairy cow. Up to his shoulder in cow, he turned to the camera and deadpanned, “Ya know, I could’ve been a game show host.”


Being a fan already, I was pleasantly surprised today when I came across a YouTube video of Mike Rowe speaking to a group of Hollywood professionals about his preconceived notions – and how wrong he really was. At 20 minutes, it’s a long video but worth every minute. The short story is that he learned that the humane version of taildocking and castrating – the PETA- and Humane Society-approved version – isn’t so humane after all. And he goes on to share a few thoughts on what society has done to stigmatize the working men and women who, as he says, make life civilized for the rest of us.


But it’s a whole lot funnier when he tells it. And it’s worth it to hear someone say that PETA and Hollywood have got it all wrong. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think (just click on the 'play' icon to watch the video).


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