My Generation

Not Ready for their Close-up

Attempts at family portraits

Earlier this month, I had the chance to congratulate Chad and Deb Bremmer on their win in Illinois Farm Bureau’s Young Leader Achievement Award contest. My husband and I got to know Chad and Deb several years ago through Farm Bureau’s young farmer committee, and we were thrilled when their hard work was recognized.


But we also know a little about surviving the lengthy awards presentation with small children, having gone through the same thing last year with our five year old and three year old, and me being pregnant at the time. So as I attempted to shoot a photo of their family following the awards presentation for a story in Prairie Farmer, I knew getting their little guys to cooperate would be dicey at best!


With that in mind, I share these attempts – teasing, tickling, cajoling, repositioning and threatening did little to evoke cooperation from these poor little guys. They were done, and we finally just shot a photo of Deb and Chad. Look for that one, with a full write up on their win, in our January issue!


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